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The most romantic Spanish songs for your Spanish-inspired wedding

most romantic spanish songs for your wedding

Spanish is such a romantic-sounding language, isn't it? Maybe you want Spanish songs to accompany you on your most romantic day, the day you and your spouse promise to spend the rest of your life together, namely your wedding, but you don't know what to choose or where to find the best Spanish song? That's exactly why I have prepared a very comprehensive list of Spanish songs for you, and moreover, I have written them in various categories and you can click on the song names to listen to them. Let's have a look!

Cocktail party

homemade sangria for spanish wedding
Our homemade Sangria for the wedding cocktail

Imagine. It's a warm summer evening, and the sun is about to set. With the sweet breeze blowing, your guests are chatting with each other and watching the sunset with delicious cocktails in their hands. Everyone is so pleased with the Spanish music you choose that they want time to stop and the day to never end. You, on the other hand, are in your wedding dress, with your fiancé next to you, and you are on your way to the altar with some romantic Spanish tunes in the background. Isn't it an amazing feeling?

My suggestion for the cocktail party is more melodic songs without words. For this, I will recommend two albums that I bought to be played at the cocktail party at my own wedding. Both are by the same artist: Luis Villegas. He's not Spanish, he's Latin American, but his music has Spanish and even Flamenco tunes. If you don't know anyone who can pick up their guitar and play Spanish songs live, get this album, put it in the background and relax. Many people who claim to be able to play and sing foreign songs unfortunately cannot, and the result is disappointing. So, get these albums (I had them brought on Amazon) and play them in your cocktail party with peace of mind. (You can click here and there to listen to these albums on YouTube.)

There is another group that I have come across recently that makes music in a lively, verbal but effortless style: Los Pitutos. I've been a fan since I had the chance to listen to them live and meet them in person! Their songs are in Spanish and incredibly entertaining. Their 2018 album is named after the band. I bought their albums right after their concert, but if you want, you can listen to their albums on YouTube by clicking here.

If you want a mixed playlist instead of a single person's or group's album, you can check out my Spanish cocktail songs playlist on our YouTube channel.

Walking to the altar

the most romantic spanish songs for your wedding
Our altar by the lake

At the wedding, we used a song that I fell in love with, that makes me dream every time I listen to it, that makes everyone who listens to it happy, and that I was asked about a lot later on: Entre Dos Aguas by Paco de Lucia. This amazing piece of music is probably already known by those who have watched the movie Vicky Cristina Barcelona. If you have never heard of it, listen to it, and you'll see what I mean. It takes you to faraway lands where the sun never sets and everyone is dancing and enjoying life. If you are getting married in a church, this may not be the song for you, but if you are getting married in a garden or by the sea or somewhere other than a church, you may give this song a go.

Entring to the wedding hall

spanish wedding music
Our tablescape

Our wedding entrance piece was Moliendo Cafe by Julio Iglesias. Why? Actually, there is no big reason behind it. It's not because the lyrics are so romantic, or Julio Iglesias's voice is soft and nice, or because my husband and I are coffee addicts. When you listen, you will see that the song has quite a strong tune. Especially the beginning of the song. We wanted our entrance song to draw people's attention from the hors d'oeuvres that were being served towards us as we were entering the wedding hall from a corner. This song, which was played at the hall at a little loud volume, did just that and we entered the hall with a big applause :)

And the first dance...

most romantic spanish songs for your wedding

Even if we don't understand what the Spanish songs are saying, it sounds very romantic to us, right? I'm afraid that's why some Spanish songs that people choose as the first dance songs at their weddings have lyrics that are about separation, disappointment and even betrayal! I have personally been to weddings in which sad Spanish songs were used as the first dance song (in Turkey). If the newlywed couple knew what the lyrics of the song actually meant, would they have chosen that song? You may call me superstitious, but I think the meaning of your first dance song's lyrics is important. Why choose sad songs when starting a happy marriage? That's why, before we got married, I sat down with my husband, who is a Spaniard, and went over the lyrics of the songs that I liked and thought we could choose for the first dance. My playlist shortened quite a bit when I realized that most of the songs I liked and thought of weren't actually about happy relationships at all. Let's see which songs sounds very romanic but actually tell about the relationships that have a sad ending (you can click on the links to listen):

  • Liberacion, Miguel Galindo, Alejandro Marehuala, Gerardo Garcia - El Antifaz (from the soundtrack of Frida)

  • Historia de Un Amor (There are a number of different singers' versions)

  • Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony - No Me Ames (Nice song, which is also a duet, but even the title tells you why you should avoid it)

  • Buena Vista Social Club - Veinte Años

I wonder how many couples have chosen one of these songs without knowing it and had their first dance with it... I wish them many years of happiness in their marriage :)

There were a few other songs on my list that were not problematic. One of them was Carlos Gardel's piece Por Una Cabeza. This music played in Al Pacino's unforgettable tango scene in Scent of a Woman... If you've watched the movie, you'll remember how romantic it was (If you don't remember or haven't watched the movie, you can watch that scene here). The reason why I did not choose this song was because it was difficult to tango with the long tail of my wedding dress. But if your wedding dress allows it and you are confident about dancing the tango, it can be a great choice :)

Another song that I like very much and is very famous is Besos de Fuego (various versions are available). The lyrics are nice and romantic, so it's good for the first dance.

Another song to choose from on my list was La Vida es Bella. I think the original of this song is in Italian, but it also sounds good in Spanish and makes you very happy when you listen to it.

So what did we choose in the end? *drumroll*

Besame Mucho! (Cesária Évora and its shortened version) Yes, it's a classic, maybe even a cliché, but at least it's the most innocent of them all! And if you're wearing a long-tailed wedding dress like me, you'll thank me as you dance and sweat in front of everyone for choosing this song that doesn't have a very fast rhythm. Because I, who went to the dance class for our first dance and repeated all the moves hundreds of times, had a hard time doing even the easiest moves in the wedding dress on the wedding day. I sincerely congratulate those who have succeeded in performing more challenging dances such as the tango with a wedding dress!

Throwing the bouquet & cutting the cake

I chose the songs that will make everyone dance and make you pose in your most cheerful mood in front of the exploding flashes when the you cut the cake and throw the bride's bouquet, which are among the most important moments of the wedding.

That's all!

So which song did you choose or will choose at your wedding? Do you know any other Spanish romantic songs would be perfect for a wedding? I am always open to your song suggestions and I look forward to it. Don't forget to share it with me in the comments section or on Instagram!



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