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Introduction to Basque language 101

Introduction to Basque language

What would it mean if someone in Spain told you "Eskerikk asko"?

While wandering around Basque cities like San Sebastian or Bilbao, you may suddenly see texts written in a strange language or hear people speaking a language that has nothing to do with Spanish. This is because Basque is one of the official languages ​​in these cities. Of course, there is a Spanish translation in most places, but in case there is not, let's start our introduction to Basque language and take a look at a few phrases that will save the day.

• Hello: Kaixo (pronounced "Kayso")

• Goodbye: Agur

• How are you?: Zer moduz?

• Very good: Oso ondo

• Yes: Bai

• No: Ez

• Thank you: Eskerikk asko

• Sorry: Barkatu

• I do not speak Basque: Ez dakit euskaraz.

• Do you speak English?: Ba al dakizu ingelesez?

• And what you need most - Toilet: 🚽 Komunak

• Additional information: The Basques even gave the city of San Sebastian a different name: Donostia.

Did you know that Basque was so different from Spanish? Are there any other words/phrases that you are curious about? Would you like to learn this language? Share with us in the comments!


Note 1: If you are wondering where the Basque region is and what people visit, eat and drink there, click here to read our San Sebastian travel guide, and click here to read the Bilbao travel guide!

Note 2: If you want to hear how Basque sounds and how people speak, I can recommend you to watch Handia (Giant), one of the movies on Netflix, because Basque is spoken throughout the movie. I also recommend La Trilogia de Baztan (Baztan Trilogy) if you like crime thrillers about ancient rituals/cults . As a series, Intimidad (Intimacy) takes place in Bilbao and you can hear them speaking Basque in between. You can click here to see my full Netflix Spanish movie list, and click here for my Spanish TV series list!


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